Off Piste Science Starter


This one you might want to keep just for your KS4 students and is a good opportunity to review the science behind some of their sex education , whether taught by you or during PSHE.

First of all have a read of this news piece from the New Scientist about super-gonorrhea.

 Use as a starter with your KS4 students:

  • Print the article off for students, give them 5 minutes of reading time in silence, followed by three minutes to share their thoughts with their partner. Get them to come up with two questions to put to you for class discussion.

Or use it as a jumping board for some other conversations / debates:

  • Discuss the issues of antibiotic resistant bacteria – could it lead to extinction of our species? (You could make some link to The Walking Dead tv show where a virus with no cure essentially wipes out humans – but be careful to reiterate the difference between bacteria and viruses though)
  • What should be done about internet pharmacies?  What are their dangers and why do people resort to them?
  • How does antibiotic resistance happen? Great if you’ve been studying evolution recently.
  • Why can unprotected sex be so dangerous even if you only do it once ? 

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